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Im New, HELP.

Aright so I know something like this has been posted before, but I haven't found my exact question yet in any of my searches, so here it is. I'm 15, pretty good on a bike, though I don't have much experience in bmx and tricks, I have a really heavy 5 or 6 year old Free Agent Airstrike, and seeing all these bikers at the local skatepark, its got me REALLY wanting to get good at tricks and stuff, but I feel like I'm being held back by the weight of my bike, I can bunny hop like, half a foot lol, and when you land a jump or something, you hear the frame go *CLINK* even on a small jump. Everyone I know, and I agree, says that my bike's REALLY heavy,and I know my bike's supposed to be a "freestyle" bike, but I've never seen one this heavy, anyways I haven't weighed it (Cause I don't know how to, I don't have any scales big enough), but so I'm wondering if it really is heavy for a bmx bike, since I've heard that bmx bikes are supposed to be sorta heavy steel so its durable, but I'm not sure if I need a bike THAT heavy, anyone know how heavy a 2002ish FA Airstrike weighs? And if it is heavier than normal, what kind of bmx bike would you recommend for doing some bmxing, and just street riding too thats nice and light, but not like crappy you know(in a price range of about $100-$500)?
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