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The landing isn't visable. Feet up in the air sure, but head impacting the ground at that point, I don't think so.

What about your claim of the other riders head dragging on the ground and impacting the guard rail? Are you dropping that claim?

I'm a little disapointed you don't know helmets were available when you had your crash. Leather hair-nets were around then. They were used quite a bit. Don't know if it would have helped if it was the side of your face that was marked up though. The hair-nets covered the head, not the face. Or are you claiming helmets prevent facial injuries as well (as the initial claim of TRT Seattle study did)?

If you ask me, I think people are falling into a sense of paranoia a little too easy these days. John, you yourself recently conceeded the point of cycling improving health and keeping people out of the hospital, not put them in it, so I know that's not your problem, right?

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