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That the head hitting the ground for Kessler, the evidence is pretty clear to me. Head down, rocks imbedded in the helmet, these are evidence that his head hit the ground.

For the other cyclist, photo #2 shows his helmet on the ground (should have jerked his head, according to those who say helmets contribute to traumatic brain injury through rotation). Pictures 4 and 5 show his head/helmet against the rail (I'll draw you arrows over the weekend, when I get home, as it appears that you simply cannot see this). So no, I'm not dropping that at all. The cyclist on the ground is nearly hit in the head by Kessler's front wheel when it impacts the guard rail (missed by less than a foot). Kessler may have actually steered his bike away from the other cyclist's head at the last moment, as they were in line for a collision right at the guard rail.

Concerning my first fall off a bike, and wearing a leather hair net helmet, I don't recall any kids my age (3rd grade, around 1953) wearing a helmet at that time. I landed on my temple area on the right side of my head, and had scrape marks on my face too.

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