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a real helmet

If you want a helmet that will work better get a motorcycle helmet! But they are all hot and sweaty....I can't wear that, I'll over heat and pass out! Until about 1975 nobody had bicycle helmets. Almost a hundred years of bicycling progressed without the general population seeing a need to wear a bicycle helmet. Horse people don't generally wear them and neither do runners. I don't know about you but I average only 15 mph on most rides and I can run that fast. If I trip while running do you suppose I need to start wearing a stinkin helmet when running? I wear one while on my bicycle, so don't anyone overreact but they do seem kind of pointless. I like the fact that my head stays warm in the cold and I can mount my rearview mirror on mine. Its an old slick surfaced MSR hard shell helmet.

My helmet and bikes:
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