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Originally Posted by livingfortoday
So... I guess I don't get why this is even this big of an issue? I wear a helmet because it's no hassle, and it can protect my face and brains and whatnot in an accident. I'm not saying it'll protect me in most accidents I'm likely to be in, but as far as my face and brain go, the odds are high enough I'll damage them without it that it's worth wearing one. I don't wear other protection since it's too unwieldy considering the risk involved, and since most of my insides are repairable or replaceable to a degree, unlike my brains. I kinda need those.

If someone doesn't feel the risk justifies mussing their hair, that's fine, I suppose. I don't think we should mandate helmets through law for anyone over a certain age, again, if they feel the risk is worth not having matted-down hair when they get to work, so be it.

So, I suppose I'll look silly with my helmet for the time being, but I guess I feel I'd look sillier trying to scoop my brains back into my head if I ever did get into that bad of a wreck.
Problem is......if you get in a bad wreck no current bicycle or motorcycle helmet will save you. When a car tags you good, you get mangled so bad, you may not want to live. Its a very sobering thing to think about.
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