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Originally Posted by jwc
"If someone doesn't feel the risk justifies mussing their hair, that's fine, I suppose. "

I don't have hair.

Wearing a helmet is an issue for some of us because municipallities mandate helmet use and stop there with keeping cyclists safe. They, like so many, believe it is the one most important factor in cycling safety, and I for one don't believe it is.

When a death is reported in the news, the main "safety" tagline is "the rider was not wearing a helmet". They fail to mention if the rider...ran a stop sign or red light....was riding at night without lights....was riding against traffic, etc. Whether a helmet was being worn is the issue with newspapers. To the point it almost seems that mandated helmet use is an agenda by news reporters.

When helmet laws fail to save the lives expected, then restrictions on where cyclists can ride and bike paths become the next course of action. In my town, bike path use is required. We don't even have bike paths in this town.

At the same time that bike paths were mandated, the chief of police was granted the authority to restrict cyclists from any road he deems unsafe for cyclists.

Kind of forces you to use an automobile or motorcycle to get around. There is something wrong about all that, especially in America.
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