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Originally Posted by CycleMagic
I think it is interesting that there was all kinds of commotion and uproar when a thread was started requesting pix of BF women (and not even for voting), but when the guys are given an opportunity to post, no one seems to have a problem with it. just sayin'....
You want pics of BikeForums women? Here's pics and video of Vivian and me.

Some pics of Vivian and me from our most recent Palomar excursion, courtesy of chimivee, SoCal BikeForums photographer extraordinaire. (Boy do I look skinny in that third picture. I think I need to eat more.) [edit to add: chimivee is also SoCal BikeForums jersey designer extraordinaire.]

A video taken by chimivee at the last Pie ride.

And the already shared with Foo pics of Vivian and me on our second date, courtesy of tprevost. Yes, Vivian used to have black bar tape, DuraAce brakes, and Easton Circuit wheels.

If you notice this notice then you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.

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