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Originally Posted by Hardheadmandca
For what it is worth, I had the bike checked out at my LBS. Wheels were trued and minor adjustments made, but they were somewhat uncomfortable with the dent. They felt it was located in the least stressful place of the tube, but that if I hit a bump hard/wrong, it could collapse. They felt I could keep riding it with that assumption of the risk.

I will be dealing with the insurance company that represents the person who opened the door on me.

If the bike is unsafe to ride, I want to make sure they replace it adequately. I don't know what "potentially unsafe to ride" gets me in regard to leverage.

I'll try to take and post a pic tonight.
Replace it. Go to LBS and ask them to write an estimate for replacing it, and to confirm that the frame is unsafe to ride. When I was hit by a car the frame looked "ok", but there was enough force to bent the crank, destroy my front wheel and fork. I wrote the whole bike off. Better safe then sorry. Remember once the payment for damages is made you can't go back and ask for more.
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