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I'd ride it as is, but from an insurance standpoint, the frame is damaged so the bike is totaled. As others have said, get the LBS to estimate it and put on the estimate "Will not repair-totalled" or something to that effect (which is what he told you). No LBS will say that frame is ridable because of the potential liability.

Now, get an estimate of what the bike was worth before the crash (not cost to replace, but what the bike was worth on the market as used bike). Used bike value is not rocket surgery, its an "opinion", so get opinions that are high because the ins co will use all their resources to find a value that is low.

Agree on a price with the ins co and then tell them you want to keep the bike. If they want to deduct the salvage value of the bike, again, salvage value is negotiable. Start at $25.

So now you have your bike, which if it were me, I would just keep riding, and you also have a check.
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