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I'll be traveling with a wife and a young daughter (read - I'll be outnumbered and subject to veto by two women), so all estimated times are approximate. I just drive the bus, man, I can't make 'em move any faster than they feel like at any given time...

That being said - I will be arriving Friday night "sometime", and will be staying at the Best Western. We are not signed up for the ride, and will be registering on the day of. So, the registration place would be best for me to meet everyone before the ride. It is hard to miss - it is a big hall-type meeting building sitting diagonally on a corner lot. I'll have my cell with me, and at least one of you has that number....

8:AM sounds good to me. Caveat - right now, the extended forecast is calling for mostly cloudy with a 30% chance of rain. If it's crappy out, I won't have much luck rousting the girls out of the rack. I'll still ride if they don't, assuming the weather isn't a total loss.

I'm on the fence about whether to do the 40 or the 100. I'll probably go with the crowd - I wanna be doing what all the cool kids are doing.....
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