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street > dirt conversion

um im new here.. i have a mongoose (yes mongoose) street bike which is from the year 2000 (yes, quite old) i think? anyway, its a street setup. weighs about 35 pounds. since im getting a new bike soon (not mongoose) which is also set up for street i was thinkin maybe i could convert my old one into one for dirt? because where i live theres this huge abandoned field near my house and i think i could gather a bunch of dudes and make some jumps. so what kinda parts would i need to make it good for dirt jumps/dirt trails?
well heres what i know about it, its got one of the biggest heaviest frames i have ever seen, i think if i dropped it off the empire state building, it would slam through the ground to the core of the earth and it wouldnt even melt. yes, its BIG AND BULKY AND HUGE ugh. can i use it or do i need a new lighter frame? im thinking all i need is new frame and wheels? am i right or do i need anything else?
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