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Originally Posted by ang1sgt
Oh God....The Old Days?

Over tightend cotters on cranks, impossible to remove freewheels on 5 speeds, ALL STEEL Construction. RUST! (Sorry I live in the Salt Belt in NY State) Yes, I had a lot of fun on my Schwinns, Huffys and god know what brand name import in the early 70's. I think the parts and the control we have on a bicycle today are much much better. I do miss seeing someone that really know how to shift a bike with friction shifters of any sort. There are many things that I miss, but there are many more great things to praise on some of the new technology that has come into cycling in the past 20 years.

Now if I could just pry out those old batteries out of the Tank Horn on that old Schwinn......

I have only one bike with cottered cranks. Everything else either came with cotterless or got converted by me or by a previous owner. Components have improved over the years, but indexed shifting offers little if any benefit on the rear shifter and a huge penalty on the front, where it removes the ability to feather the cage position. I do concur that freehub/cassette systems are superior to screw-on freewheels, but not enough to make me rush out and replace everything I own. I also refuse to use period brake pads and cables, preferring salmon KoolStops and low-compression housings for safety reasons.
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