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Originally Posted by mude
whats the big deal about them, i remember not to long ago when i first joined the forum 4pc bars werent such an uncommon thing and more companies then animal made them, except if i recall correctly it was mostly flatlanders that used them, i think theres even a few threads about them. I think its funny that back in those days you were an idiot if you bought 4 pc bars but now its the "in thing"
i ran castillo bars back in the day. i loved how they looked. but unfortunately since they were 6.75 inches tall, and had not nearly enough sweep my wrists started crying. Not to mention they probably weighed as much as most forks do these days.

the bob bars are a good mixture of strength and supposedly feel really good with their sweep.

what do you mean by the "in thing" you mean that animal made another quality product that feels really good to a lot of people? I don't entirely beleive in trends, but maybe I just don't care enough to pay attention to dat snaazz. Honestly, who cares if ****s good.

not like everyone isn't running slams or a bar identical to them.
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