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OK, I'm back. My goal was 20 miles... did ~26 miles on the inaugural ride - a personal best! Then, 8 or 9 of those miles came from taking and recovering from a wrong turn. Yeah, I got lost
I am beat... Did you know road bikes use a whole different set of muscles (or the same set in a whole different way) than hybrids? I hurt in place I've never hurt before. The bike is amazing and if I don't learn to pace myself better it will eat me alive. It took what I had to give and laughed at me: "Poseur!" Poseur!"
We'll see who gets the last laugh. It responds as if it take pure thought and turns it into motion. edit: Some have made the point that the bike won't make anything easier it just goes faster with the same effort. The associate law (or one of those math laws) would lend that maintaining the same speed one normally keeps, requires less effort. In other words, it IS easier... I wasn't prepared for how much easier. Wow.

Pictures after my nap. Or some coffee...

I am heppy.

edit: Ahhh coffee good!

Somehow, after beating myself to a pulp on the ride -oh there were dark moments- I still had the strength (ok, I ate a 1/2 sandwich first) to lift it up and get it set up in the rack. Ok, it wasn't that hard, the bike doesn't weigh anything.

Just pulled into the driveway and shut 'er off. I looked up and saw this view coming home so I had to get the shot once I got home.

Off the rack, wheel, back on, ready to roll away into the garage. But I had to ride one lazy loop in front of the house first.

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