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25 miles today on the Glacial Drumlin Trail west of Waukesha, WI. I had planned on riding with two folks from work who are just starting to train for a short triathlon this July (training to finish it, so you get the idea). Then I got an email from the guy who I went to Kentucky with ... his son (15 yo) is looking for a ride today too, wants to test out his new carbon racing bike. That's cool, so I pick up the kid and we head out to meet the other good folks who show up on their "comfort" bikes which they've each ridden once this year.

They are good people, so the kid and I roll out with them at a blistering 5 mph, chatting and soaking up the sun. After a few miles I send the kid off on side roads so he can stretch his legs ("Go up this road to the top of the hill, turn around and meet us back on the trail", that kind of thing). After 8 miles the kid and I break off from the others and headed a few miles off the bike trail to Lapham Peak State Park which has a nice brute of a climb. The ranger at the gate said we could ride up, no charge, so we did that climb twice (I think I hurt myself both times ) and then headed back to the bike trail to catch up with the others who, by now had turned around. While riding back, we hooked up with some chick who was really hauling and we did a small pace line with her all the way back to the car (10 miles or so) arriving just after the others did. Perfect timing.

I got 25 miles in, the kid did 28, and my friends from work did 20 so we all were happy and we all got to ride together for part of the way.

It must have been a good ride for the kid (he's pretty quiet) because he fell asleep during the drive back to town (half hour).

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