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Originally Posted by S_DOG34 more complaining about the wind from the rest of you. My ride yesterday was ridiculous. Check out my stats.

That's right...18.4 mph wind average!

It was a ton of fun actually. Half the ride is brutal, but the other half is such a blast that it makes for a great ride. Why is it that the wind is always in your face at the end of the ride?
Oh, I don't know...

My avg was just a little lower than you, but only since it calmed down at the end of my 4+ hours, but my max sustained wind was in the 20's for a good period of time. Lowest gusts for 90% of the ride were in the mid 20's and on up to 36.8mph.

It killed me, I started the ride into the wind and never recovered. By time the wind was at my back, I was in the hills climbing and descending where it wasn't as big a factor.

I drug the wife out for 17 more today though. Got home about 15 minutes before it started hailing here in the NW corner this evening.
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