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By virtue of you being in this forum,by having so many bikes,I'll allow it.I'm not quite at the point you are,not by choice,not just yet.Use them all,you have plenty of time to get rid of them,perhaps you will not have enough time this summer to enjoy all to the fullest,try though.It makes me happy to read your post,I'm glad to weigh in on it as well.Hey,we're over 50, it's high time we're getting to the point of having "enough " bikes,as for too many ? Not on your life! You get to test! Besides,isn't in nice to know that others:buddys,nephews,girlfriends,whoever,can accompany you on a ride ? To have the where-with-all,the lust to satiate our desires in bicycles,way cheaper than cars and less frustrating than golf.
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