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Originally Posted by Rick@OCRR
I wish I still had the Peugeot PX-10 that I bought new in '68! Since then, and in addition to that Peugeot, I've sold my Panasonic Track (Pista) bike, my Specialized Stumpjumper Sport, and given my aluminum GT Edge to my brother.

Fortunately, I've kept everything else, including my '77 Masi Gran Criterium (though now it serves me as a single-speed). I have eight bikes now, and my wife has five, so just when I think we have enough, another great deal comes along . . . which is how I added a Calfee last week!

So it goes . . .

Best Regs,
Rick / OCRR
A habit that is hard to break. When I feel I have enough bikes, measure up a pine box.
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