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Originally Posted by KinetikBiker
The 7kA is a stronger grade of aluminum which coincidently happens to be lighter. I think it's better and worth it. I wish they still made the Duralectra's. Those were great too.

I heard good things about those Hoffman rims, although i've only seen one person with them and he rides for Hoffman.
Yeah, but the 7ka is $89. Sure it might be stronger, I think it is kind of overkill considering a well built hazard light would probably suit the person just fine for $65, *or a hoffman rim for $40.

I'm just saying for the cost, a hoffman rim, laced with marwai spokes to a hub would last better than a 7ka laced with generic spokes to a hub.

Also, if youre going to spend $89, you may as well go with the GSPORT rims which are pretty much badass. (as long as you keep your tire pressure going)
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