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Originally Posted by FitRider 921
I've heard terrible things about the Balance series rims, and nothing but good about the G-Sports.

The first batch of balance rims were pretty worthless. Pretty sure guys like vinnie sammon, blackman, and a lot of those east coast guys run the new version no problems.

People assume the gsport rims will be indestructible. (people unfortunantly have this idea about odyssey/gsport) They are not indestructible, but they are for their weight probably the strongest rim you could get. However, because of the thin sidewalls they dent if you don't run enough tire pressure. If you get a ****ty wheelbuild and you are sketchy as ****, you will probably still manage to ruin the rim.

Same thing with the wombolts. People thing they are indestructable, but they are just another chunk of metal. Statistically stronger, but there can be issues like incorrect installation that can lead to them getting damaged or broken.

dats dat.
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