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Filing dk fury dropouts?

Alright i've read all the other dk fury posts, and i didnt see anyone talking about the 3/8 rear axle. I have owned my fury for about a year and have replaced almost all the really cheap stock components, but now i have gotten to the wheels which are makeing it extremely hard to pedal (thought it was just out of tru and hitting the brakes), but thats not the case. The hubs are just horrible the bearing races are chiped and even a few chunks have broken off. So my question is can i file that extra 1/8" off the bottom of the dropout to get a larger 14mm axle to fit. I'm only like 125lb (and not into raceing comps, i ride for pleasure), but isnt it really the top of the dropout that is going to take the stress when landing? really i just want my rear wheel to be reliable so i want it to be a strong street wheel & hub. I know this is strongly disencouaged. but i dont want race components. So please help me out! Thanks
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