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Originally Posted by evanyc
wasn't it also in toronto where those pictures of the fight between the messenger woman and a driver were taken, or was that montreal?
That was Toronto as well. We have a serious road rage problem in this city due to a ridiculous amount of suburbanites filtering into the city through our amazingly poor road and highway network. We actually based our highway system off of LA. Seriously! So when drivers get in to the city after 2 hours of sucking fumes they are ready to blow their top and will. I have been assaulted twice by drivers, and had them threaten to murder me probably 5 times, and had them threaten to beat me up more times than I can actually remember. Not all Canadians are nice.

The cyclist, from what can be seen in the videos, is not at fault whatsoever, and did not make any threatening gestures or actions. The driver attacked him completely unprovoked. Whats with all the putting fault with the victim? He's an old dude on a bike who follows the rules of the road. get over it.
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