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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike
In contrast to wizards like yourself who prefer that the products on the market be over priced and hard to get. Is that your high concept plan for coercing everybody to live the Simple Life, eh? When do you propose the peasants will have time for their re-education camps?
I have no intention of coercing anybody to live any kind of life. However, that doesn't absolve me from moral responsibility.

Unfortunately, there are too many people like you in this world who care about nothing except price and convenience; People who are willing to screw over anybody for selfish gain; People that loot storefronts during crises. I have no intention of coercing those kinds of people to do anything, but I'll never intentionally join them. Sorry. I'm not a looter; not of storefronts, not of the earth, and not of poor developing countries.
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