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I've had no problems with my fork and cannot recall reading anyone having problems with the forks. With that being said, if you are due for a fork rebuild you are best to send it to Push as they will custom valve it for you. Remember that forks and shocks come out of the factory set for the "average" rider and this setting is very likely a compromise for most riders. Sending it to Push will get it done right for you.

The shocks on the other hand are a known problem. There is a defect in the design that seems to only be addressed by sending it to Push. Push does sell shocks brand new valved for you. There are many people now that will simply ship out their shocks immediately to Push upon buying a new bike. Once the shock comes back the concensus is that it is second to none.

It's for this reason that I actually look for used/beat up shocks on Ebay. For the price of a used shock + the Push treatment you get back a brand new shock, custom valved to you for very likely less than the price of a new one. I haven't been successful yet but that's mainly because I lost the urgency to do this (until now). The spare shock I have is actually from a second frame that I will be selling so in that sense I was lucky but my original intention was to use my current shock as a backup to whatever Ebay shock I would have found. Looks like my current shock ended up being the crappy shock.
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