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Originally Posted by santiago
It's for this reason that I actually look for used/beat up shocks on Ebay. For the price of a used shock + the Push treatment you get back a brand new shock, custom valved to you for very likely less than the price of a new one. I haven't been successful yet but that's mainly because I lost the urgency to do this (until now). The spare shock I have is actually from a second frame that I will be selling so in that sense I was lucky but my original intention was to use my current shock as a backup to whatever Ebay shock I would have found. Looks like my current shock ended up being the crappy shock.
This isnt a bad idea. The rebuild is only $150, and say you spend $100 on a used shock from ebay and thats a pretty good deal.

The fact remains though, there is a definite factory defect with some fox shocks that needs to be addressed by fox. I ride a hardtail so its a moot point for me, but if i ever go FS its doubtful it will be with a fox shock.
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