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Originally Posted by Raiyn
Too late. I saw it prior to anyone else posting. Just held off so as not to blast the noob

X.0 and XTR are both the top of their respective brands line ups. Do I think either one of them is worth the premium? No I've stated it a dozen times or more that the highest I'd go on any of my bikes would be XT, (X-9) on a MTB or Ultegra (Chorus or SRAM's Rival) for the road. Leave the race stuff to the wannabe's, sponsored riders, and the guys who have more money than brains.

What if all of a sudden shimano tripled the prices of all their parts, would xt then not be worth the "premium"? I'm just wondering if its just the price that offends you so much.

And for the record (no pun intended), Chorus is the equivalent to Dura Ace.
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