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According to my LBS last years SRAM X.0 Grip Shift shifted much quicker/immediately than the X.9. IIRC, this years X.9 is last years X.0 with this years X.0 being lighter. I was impressed with the grip shift (last years X.0) when I tried it. It almost made me want to switch.

Being more traditional though, I stuck with what I'm familiar with and have the Shimano XTR on this bike. I like the XTR and have not had any problems with it. IMHO, the XTR is much prettier than SRAM and shows in specific areas in attention to detail. One advantage to the XTR is you can either push towards the front or back of the bike to shift gears (on the forward lever only). I like doing both with my thumbs so I push towards the front of the bike. IIRC, the SRAM trigger is forward for both directions as well but does not have the option of toward the back of the bike.

Also, if it matters to you, SRAM is an American company. This is another reason I almost switched this year. Now that I'm writing this, I probably should've went with SRAM...

I think those are the basic differences. Weights, you can research on your own.
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