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Originally Posted by donrhummy
Interesting testimony by the french chemist:

1. The machine has broken down, by her recollection, only about 10 times over the last number of years, yet she can't remember when the last time she had to call to get it fixed (she couldn't even narrow it down to the YEAR)

2. She tested 400 samples and has testified that she didn't know that sample 95474 was Landis' until a few weeks ago, yet she testified that she remembers THAT urine sample and exactly what she did with it and the MINUTE (11:25) she handed it over to the other chemist (Despite the fact that she did exactly the same thing with 400 others).
Was that test was one of only a few (or the only, which it is, to my knowledge) to come up positive?
Are the test results were available before the sample is transferred?

If the answer to both is yes, then I would remember it very clearly, as well, and would take detailed mental/written notes about what I was doing.
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