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Originally Posted by AfterThisNap
Meh, not really. You're getting a free frame, consider it an opportunity to upgrade parts... or buy a bike that doesn't crack
I don't look at it as getting a free frame... I would, however, feel that way if my parts carried over to the new frame. One must remember that I will have to change virtually every major component on my bike just because of the brakes issue, which is why I'm a little concerned about it. Look at how convoluted this issue quickly becomes: I will obviously need to buy disc brakes. Because of this, I will have to update my shifters. But the current XT shifters are for 9-speed cassettes. When my bike was built (Y2K), XT used an 8-speed cassette, meaning that my cassette and rear derailleur will also need to be replaced. I'm guessing the current XT uses a different chain than the old XT as well. Also, since I have been using linear-pull brakes, I will need to replace my hubs and wheels. So before you know it, the only things that I can carry over from my cracked frame are the handlebars, stem, headset, fork, pedals, and seat post. Have an extra grand laying around??
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