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poison oak anyone

well i went to the ER today after work (i work in the operating room so it wasn't to far) when i noticed a god awful rash on my leg that started on my ankle to the top of my knee and felt the worst itching i've ever felt. i rubbed my hand across my blistered leg and my skin literally sloughed off i was freaking out, i thought it could be poison ivy/oak but i honestly don't remember coming in contact with either. i was thinking F*&K i must have contracted a flesh eating bacteria, i mean you see alot of stuff while operating on folks. i was suprised and relieved when the doc said it was poison oak although he also said i was a bad case and that i really reacted badly to the oils. i really have no idea when i came in contact with it, i ride 2-3 times a week but i guess you never know
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