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SO CAL Slang

So, I have read recently from a new member that we in So Cal use "slang" and it's difficult to catch on. The member, who isn't the first to say that, said it very nicely, so this isn't to pick on that person, but it got me thinking. When I first logged on here over a year ago, there were inside jokes, acronyms, etc. that I didn't get by the mere fact that I was new. Now, I know most of them since I've ridden with almost everyone in this regional community (and our wonderful No Cal neighbors as well). So, I thought I'd start this and if there are any new members or lurkers who want to know what we are talking about (certainly in terms of rides and routes), please ask here and someone will explain. I personally do not like the "clique" description made of a group who all know each other (yeah, yeah, we've had this debate and I suppose we could be called a clique in the grand scheme of things), so I'd like to help out and maybe learn a few I myself don't know. I'll start:

ACH = Angeles Crest Highway
ACC = Angeles Crest Century
ADT = Velodrome
B2B = Back to the Beach
BA = Breathless Agony
BF = Bike Forums
BF'er = Bike Forum Member
Big T = Big Tujunga canyon
BJ = Bike Journals
BTW = By the way
Budgies = Something men should always angle up in bike shorts
Carpal Tunnel = What is pleasing many men when they see Brandy's Birthday
pics in her Birthday thread
CF = Carbon Fiber
CAM = Century-a-Month
Crit = Criterium race
DA = DuraAce
DC = Double Century
DH = Dear Husband
DIY = do it yourself
DW = Dear Wife
DNF = Did Not Finish
BF = 2 meanings: 1. Bike Forums; 2. Boy Friend
GF = Girl Friend
GP = Griffith Park
GMR = Glendora Mountain Road
GRR = Glendora Ridge Road
HC = H***ard County
IE = Inland Empire
IMHO = In my humble opinion
IMO = In my opinion
INO = In-N-Out
J/K = Just Kidding
KOM = King of the Mountains series
LA = Los Angeles
LBS = Local Bike Shop
Little T = Little Tujunga canyon
Maintenance Parties = was for real, but became "bf drunken orgy hoe down"
MC = Mulholland Challenge
MDR = Marina del Rey
Mr. Serious = Big honking burrito at Los Primos in the OC
MTB = Mountain Bike
NTTAWWT = Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
OC = Orange County
OCP = Obsessive Compulsive Posing/Poseur
OMG = Oh, my God
OP = Original Post
PB = Personal Best
PCH = Pacfiic Coast Highway
PGS = Pretty Grad Student
PITA = Pain in the Ass
Playa = Play del Rey
PV = Palos Verdes
QBP = Quality Bicycle Products
RAAM = Race Across America
RB = Rose Bowl
Rio Hondo = Part of SGRT
RR = Road Race
SAC = Steep and
SART = Santa Ana River Trail
SB = Santa Barbara
SGRT = San Gabriel River Trail
SFVBC = San Fernando Valley Bike Club
SC = Santa Clarita
SCC = Surf City Cyclery
SCV = Santa Clarita Valley
SD = San Diego
SFV = San Fernando Valley
SMM = Santa Monica Mountains
SO = Sherman Oaks
SR = Stage Race
STBX = Starbucks
T&A = Time In The Saddle and Anaerobic Short Sprints
TDF = Tour de Femmes
Ti = Titanium
TOC = Tour of California
TRI – event where you swim, bike and run
TRI Geek = Someone who does the above
TT = Time Trial
UCI = Bunch of spoiled millionaire drug addicts
WTF? = What the ****?
VC = Ventura County
VP = Velodrome Phoenix
Candy = PM Happytime and she'll tell you what that means

Various clubs:
OCRR, OCW, SBW, SGVBC, OCVelo, et al.


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