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Originally Posted by Johnyonics
Great, not only are my ends wrong I have a flat bar. I think I ride XC, but don't like spandex lycra monkey suits, I have don't know what to call myself and my hanldebars scream "hey I don't fit in!!" Maybe I should have never gotten back into this sport. LOL

I've never had a tree or squirrel try to kick my ass because of my fashionable equipment/bling.

My father rides with bar ends. But he's got them setup in a somewhat dee dee dee format. They're turned outward, on the INSIDE of the handle grips...

Different strokes for different folks.

Bar ends, too tight for your ass lycra, or flat handlebars.. it makes no difference when your bombing through the trails, before, after or inbetween the same buddies that were joking you. Or even better, just YOU out on the trails, enjoying the nature-esque scene of things.
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