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Originally Posted by robo
What kind of cranks are you using? Rivendell specifies a 107mm BB but that is in fact rather misleading... you need a 107mm BB if (and only if) you use the Sugino XD-2 cranks that they sell. The other Sugino cranks on the market, like the XD 400/500/600 require a 113mm BB.

Rivendell should really update their info on this... i'm sure lots of people buy 107 and 110mm BBs and end up gouging their chainstays.
they are Sugino cranks, but I think they are the XD600. The shop got them, charged me $90 and they have alloy rings.

They are a bit tight with the 107, but it works. The bike looks like it would accomodate 2 or 3 different sizes without drama.

However, the BB doesn't suit her, so once again my lovely titanium BB is homeless... Which reminds me, I need to tell the bike shop about it; I called them about adding barrel adjusters and forgot to mention it.
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