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Someone I know took a minor spill commuting on a bike path without a helmet last year and while they can now remember their own name (and others) and can work again they are still not allowed to drive an automobile. It was quite traumatic for the person's family, friends and coworkers. As far as I know the person owned a helmet but it was a nice day and they forgot it or didn't feel like wearing it. I was hit by a car on a training ride some years back and my impact with the pavement totally split the helmet I was wearing, I got away with some broken ribs, a sore back and a mild concussion. I subscribe to Procycling and I've always thought that Boardman didn't wear one just because he doesn't like the way he looks wearing a helmet in the photos. All anecdotal but my position on it is that it is entirely a darwinian process whether someone chooses to wear a helmet.
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