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Originally Posted by Dial_tone
I read the article and he presents a strong case....on the surface of it. There is a graph that shows an inverse relationship between % of trips made by bicycle versus cyclist deaths per billion km cycled. The article entirely ignores the prevalence of bike paths. My guess is the countries with the highest % of trips made by bicycle (Holland then Denmark w/US lowest) ALSO have the highest % of roads with bike lane/paths; i.e. many of those cyclists aren't actually riding in traffic.

BTW, a helmet didn't save Casartelli.
but on that graph is a comparrison between Germany and Sweden (and Finland for that matter) that shows 2 pretty similar cycling atmospheres (correct me if I'm wrong about this), a large difference in usage of helmets, but not much difference in fatality rates.

Again correct me if I'm wrong here but, a similar situation can be found in my town, Vancouver (MHL) and Montreal (that has no law) where fatality rates per km are very close but helmet use in Vancouver is triple what it is in Montreal

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