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2 points:

1. Not all crashes will kill, but how many of the fatalities were helmet dependent? In other words, if I start tossing people off the top of the Empire State, and some have helmets, some don't, I could make a pretty strong argument helmets are useless. So, for those crashes that were survivable in the first place, what is the incidence of serious head trauma? The country comparison is a total red herring, BTW. There are no apples to apples in that bunch. Besides, aren't they all on the reefer in Holland?

2. The argument that using safety equipment makes people more likely to be dangerous, feeling invulnerable with a few ounces of styrofoam strapped to their head, is the biggest BS specious pile of garbage I have ever had the disgust of seeing put forward. When was the last time you saw a car/truck bearing down on you and thought anything but "OMG!!"? I am quite certain nobody ever thinks "at least I have my helm of invincibility on!". Complaceney in general is why people become stupider and take risks. And complacency will occur with or without a helmet.
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