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Originally Posted by eandmwilson
2. The argument that using safety equipment makes people more likely to be dangerous, feeling invulnerable with a few ounces of styrofoam strapped to their head, is the biggest BS specious pile of garbage I have ever had the disgust of seeing put forward. When was the last time you saw a car/truck bearing down on you and thought anything but "OMG!!"? I am quite certain nobody ever thinks "at least I have my helm of invincibility on!". Complaceney in general is why people become stupider and take risks. And complacency will occur with or without a helmet.
I don't know about that...over the weekend I entered a skid competition. At first I couldn't find my helmet and almost didn't compete. Then I found it and promptly crashed HARD during my first skid. I landed on my head so my helmet probably prevented more serious injuries (just got some road rash) but if I wasn't wearing one I wouldn't have competed in the first place.
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