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Originally Posted by BugsInMyTeeth

I would have assumed that the big one went in the back, for better grip when climbing.

Hmm.. learning everyday.
Well I am just saying that because I was reading an older post and people were listing their specific tire preferences and such so don't mark it down as fact. I tried it both ways and I like having the fatter one in the front personally. I do admit that there is one difference between my two tires besides size, my front one is Specialized Pro Resolution dC 2.1 and my rear is Specialized S-Works Fast Trak dC 2.0.

Actually I thought of a good reason to use the fat tire in the rear, it is more comfortable at higher pressures (fast, but less traction). I raised my psi in my rear tire by 7-8 psi and I go numb in places that aren't supposed to (I have a hardtail) - I brought it back down to 35 psi and I have no problem anymore. However that can be negated because the skinnier tire at lower pressure is just as comfy as the fatter tire at higher psi.
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