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The general consensus around here is the Six Pack and most recently the Stolen Wrap. Although you have chosen some nice bikes there, (other then the Fit, in my opinion it's garbage for having a a gas pipe rear end instead of full 4130). The DK's are very good all around bikes, my only complaint with them is the hubs, I have three broken DK Macho hubs in the garage right now. Other then that it is solid.

The Stolen Wrap is another good bike (so it seems, it's pretty new and only time will tell component wise, but the frame is solid).

The Fit is the worst bike on your list, it would take me a weekend of riding and I could kill it, some people even less.

That brings it down to the Element and the Addict, which are the best choices on your list in my opinion. The Element has better parts, but it also may be a bit big for your son (it has a 20.75TT) It also may not be the best choice if your son likes to leave his bike out in the rain due to the gaping holes eastern has cut in the seat-tube (same goes for the sequence). If my bike was stolen tomorrow, I would probably end up with a WTP Addict, it's another very solid bike, it's smaller, it's cheaper, it has a full 4130 frame with no holes and it still has a cassette hub.

Finally, the LINK. It's not a bad bike if it's all you can get but it is by no means better then any of those. It has a full 4130 frame which will hold up, but it also has bigger gearing and weighs 2-3lbs heavier. Weight that is not needed in such a bike.

I don't know how much sense any of that made, I'm really tired and it's time for bed.

Also, for the other posters, I like the grim reaper frame, it's grown on me like a fungus...

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