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I'm a roadie and, if I can say, we're not all like elgalad and Ryanf. I tend to find the road forum on here is more likely to cause a loss of IQ than the bmx, or SS&FG forums. Nowhere else have I found questions like 'how do I get my wheel out of my front fork' and threads like 'I survived my first club ride'. But Ryanf's posts are good for a laugh. Roadies, don't mock bmx riders. They usually have more mechanical skill (at least with singlespeed) and focus on the fun instead of competitiveness. Bmx riders, don't mock roadies (except ****heads who post here saying they spontaneously have lost IQ points, and ryanf), it is a hard sport requiring a hell of a lot of dedicated training and physical effort. Its also fun, in a pain-for-the-sake-of-producing-endorphens kind of way.
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