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Originally Posted by cadnams
Hey all,

I have a rig that came with Rock Shox Pilot C forks. The forks are overly stiff and the travel is only 80mm. In reality, the preload adjustment is all but non-existent and you can only get 60mm travel out of them anyway.

I am trying to find out whether:

1. The travel can be increased?
2. They can be made a little more supple (less stiff)?

Firstly, I have been told that you can use the 100mm conversion collar (designed for the Pilot SL and Pilot XC forks) in the Pilot C. I have also been told that you can't! Can anyone confirm or deny?
From what I know,(limited), the Pilot C is an OEM product only and CANNOT have the travel increased.

Originally Posted by cadnams
Secondly, I have been told that you can NOT get a softer spring for the Pilot C, meaning the only way to make them less stiff is to change the oil weight used in the forks. Can anyone confirm or deny the spring issue?
What spring rate are you currently using? Many different aftermarket companies make suspension springs. I'd be taken back if you couldn't find a softer spring. Maybe Rock Shox doesn't make one, but I'm sure that a comp. like Speed Springs does (or might).

Also, changing the oil weight will help your dampening, not your preload. A higher weight will feel stiffer, but it's actually just slower.

Originally Posted by cadnams
Lastly, I have been told that the forks come as standard with a five (5) weight oil, but I have also been told they come with ten (10) weight oil in both legs and the lowers. Does anyone know for sure?
Don't know, but either way, you should probably change it out as it's old by now!

Originally Posted by cadnams
I have made various mod's to my bike and this should be the last one (once my new pedals arrive) but at the moment I don't actually know if I can really do much about the fork or not (short of buying a new one, which is over kill).

Any ideas...???


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