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Originally Posted by ParkRNDL
Hey, I know this thread is forever old, but I was surfing around looking for Ross info and this thread (and this post in particular) caught my eye...

Stacey, by any chance, is that Barracuda still around and would you be willing to part with it?

By way of introduction, let me tell you (and the board) that my name is Rick, and I'm a teacher living in southern central PA. I rediscovered old bikes in the last year or so when I found an old girls' banana seat bike in a thrift store. Pink with a flowered seat. It said "Polo Bike" on the chain guard, which I thought I remembered seeing on old Ross bikes. The headbadge is the same shape as old Ross ones, but it says "STARFLITE" written vertically in red. I figured it was made by Ross for some department store or something. If anyone knows more about the Starflite name, I'd love to hear it...

Since finding the Polo Bike, I've cleaned it up and my 10-year-old daughter rides it. I also found a 20" Ross convertible that I swapped some parts around on, and I recently rescued a beater Ross Apollo without rims from the back-room junkpile of my LBS. I also have a Sears Spyder (made by Huffy, I think) 20" musclebike frame with parts scavenged off a thrift-store Columbia girls' bike. The online pics of bikes in the New England Musclebike Museum got me hooked on Barracudas, and I'd LOVE to find one (even just the frame) with the two sets of twin tubes running from the dropouts to the head tube...


Sorry Rick, the barracuda has found a new home. What part of southern central PA are you in. I spent a lot of time in East Freedom, Blair County as a youth.
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