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Low gears, because it can't possibly be said enough.

Practice setting up your tent over and over, until you can get it up in minutes. Between rain, mosquitos, and having to ride 3 miles past my endurance point searching for a campground that wasn't where it was supposed to be, quick tent set up was the handiest survival skill I ever learned the hard way.

I second Nashbar panniers. I have the regular multipocket version that run about $25-30 per pair on sale that are great for short trips and commuting, and picked up some waterproof ones for touring, about twice the price but worth it. I kept meaning to buy more expensive ones when they finally fell apart, but they haven't.

I highly recommend a camp sink. I got a collapsable sink for $10 that doesn't weigh much, folds flat, serves as an all purpose sink and bucket, and with a little light rope holds all my food high in a tree nicely. Someone gave me a shower kit for my Platypus and now I wonder how I got along without one.

Bring all the ziplock bags you can possible stuff into your packs. Lots of rubber bands. And the biggest roll of good electrical tape that you can find. And twice as many socks as you think you need. Clean, dry socks and a box of baby wipes can drastically improve morale.
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