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I am 6'5" and 235 lbs with a 49.5" X-seam. I ride a 2005 RANS V-Rex (2,000 miles) and a new 2007 RANS Stratus XP (250 miles).

Get your X-seam accurately measured so that you know what makes and models will fit you. That way, you don't waste time looking at bikes that are not even an comfortable option!

Even if a bike claims to have an X-seam that fits, you might still run into trouble. I found this to be the case withthe RANS Formula 26 and Velocity Squared models (long wheelbases with higher bottom brackets). These models claim to accomodate riders up to a 50" X-seam. However, I had to put the seat all of the way to the back. When I attempted to lean/angle the seat back, the handlebars were out of reach.

There are also individual makers such as Denny LaDue ( ) in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was very attracted to his bikes because of the low seat position in front of the back wheel. However, I did not have the self-discipline to wait a couple of months for him to build a bike (especially during the summer riding season). He is very busy, but will build to your specifications (size and components) if you have the time to wait for delivery.

Anyway, this is probably more information than you wanted. However, I do not want you to waste as much time as I did checking out bikes that did not fit. The Stratus XP (XXL version) is the only long-wheelbase production bike to fit me.
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