Thread: 26" BMX or MTB?
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Yeah, I was riding with Flatland Percy in Edmonton on the weekend and tried his 20" flatland bike out. I haven't ridden BMX since I was 18 so it seemed kinda weird. Well, the next thing, I get on and try a tailwhip... I kicked the frame so hard that I heard Percy and this other guy yelp at how fast the frame whipped around. Needless to say, it came around and cranked me on the hip... (ouch!!)

Normally when I do opposite foot steams in circles for over 30 seconds I start to scream because the weight is almost unbearable to hold. I practice by just holding my frame straight out with one arm.

...Try holding the frame for as long as you can in front of you and count the seconds... that's what flatland is pretty much like on 26".

I should have video soon. On July 1, 2007 will be up and running.
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