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Bmx racing

Hey guys I am looking for your input on a race bike. I am a college student as of now. So basicaly I dont have much money to spare. So I am thinking about getting into bmx racing. The most I want to spend on a comleate is 300. So That realy limits my choices. So far everyone I have talked to says that I should get a cromo bike for my first race frame. But the problem is that I havent seen a decent cromo race bike for my price range. How bad is alluminum exactly? it cant be all they crack it up to be. But anyways My two choices that I have narrowed down right now are the dk dart expert and the mcs holeshot expert. Now I am not dead set on these bikes but they are boath within my price range and look like good bikes on paper. I am going to be buying them from a place called I dont know if anyone has had any dealings with them before but any input you can give me would be greatly appreceated. Also If anyone who knows somone who lives near columbus ohio with a race frame for a good price It would be greatly appreceated I have had a few offers for some bikes but most of them live to far away.

Sean Scott
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