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You should really go to a local track and try it out one of their loaner bikes first, pretty much every track has them for people to try racing before they commit the big bucks.

Unless you are a poor and SMALL college student, your narrowed down choices are likely to be a bit of a problem for you. "Expert" is a size category, the bikes go Mini, Junior, Expert and then into adult sizes. An Expert bike is a race bike for a kid, usually from age 8 - 12 depending of course on how big they are. They have 1 3/8 inch tires and are usually weight limited to around 110 pounds or so. You appear to be shopping by price rather than by what is the right size for you, do yourself a favour and at least take a look at a few as the adult race bikes come in varying top tube lengths and you need to find the one that fits you.
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