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No, the guy that says he's in college. He's looking for a comleate, but doesn't want alluminum. He's picked two bikes that are boath in his price range, and any help we can give him would be appreceated. He's also a a glasses whearer, not just regular ones, but sungleases too. How the heck could someone pass high school with his spelling and grammar.

Now, as far as race bikes go, just get aluminum. For someone just getting into racing the bike hardly matters anyway. Spending a grand isn't going to make any difference if you don't practice and train. And the rest of the gear isn't cheap either. You'll need a full face helmet, long sleeve racing jersey (anything but a jersey will get stinkin' hot quickly) long pants, decent shoes, and full-finger gloves. And a license.

And if you can't get your glasses on once your helmet is on, perhaps your helmet is the wrong size.
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