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How many calories should I eat...hunger, weight loss and fuel

Hi everyone!

This marks my first post on this forum. Everyone here seems like they have some great insight, so I was hoping you could help me out. I must admit I am a bit frustrated! I am a 5'4", 129 lb female (25 years old) I am currently able to ride about 5 days a week, (sometimes 6) with my shortest rides being 1.5 hrs, and my longer rides (at this point) being around 3 hrs. for a total of about 7-9 hours a week of riding, with about 1.5 hrs a week alotted for weights. My question is this...whenever I ramp up my cycling, I tend to gain weight. The problem is, I am always hungry!! I have done the online BMR thing, and it seems that I need about 1800 kcals/day to exist, so in order to lose some of my extra "squishy parts" I have been trying to stay around 1800-2000 kcals a day. But I always seem to eat more, and blow my efforts! I know this is an idividual thing, but what seems like an appropriate kcal level for someone like me? Should I eat less to lose those last 4-5 lbs, or should I be eating more based on my activity level? I am just unsure as I always seem to be hungry...and I try to stay within a certain calorie level but I end up really hungry and I end up eating too much, and before you know it I have an extra pound or two on me.
As a side note, I do not eat typical junk food (no candy, pop or cookies for me!) and I am a vegetarian.
I would really appreciate your input! (I am going to look into seeing a Nutritionist when my husband and I get overseas to our new base - he's in the Air Force) In the meantime...your comments sure are welcome!
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