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I actually didn't post the first message, M_S, so I didn't post it on the 10th of June. Read the names (I'm bikegummo) and you'll see what I mean. Man, you're pretty hostile. My story is I just happened to see this stupid post, and subsequently added my two cents (the guy at the top DID sound a bit like a spammer jerk, but I didn't want the subject--the saddle--to get lost because some sales-rep idiot posted something).

My "I know this sounds like I'm part of a conspiracy" was meant to separate my post from the original (didn't work, obviously). I was pleased with the saddle, and figured I'd post my thoughts on it, since there seemed to be a lot of talk about some of the noseless saddles, as well as the Rido, the Brooks, and some of the Specialized saddles. I figured I'd go with the cheapest first and see what happened. And that's what I did.

So yeah, I did get my saddle about 10 days ago. Your apology is accepted. Go for a ride and lose some of that anger.
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